Cleaning equipment maker introduces a Robotic Industrial Floor Scrubber

roboticscrubberA Pittsburgh company Carnegie robotics LLC and Danish company Nilfisk has team up to create an industrial robotic floor scrubber and dryer.

It is said to change the industry improving productivity, efficiency and safety. This technology will free employees from having to use the machine and have time for other important tasks.

“This will fundamentally change cleaning,” Jonas Persson, president and CEO of Nilfisk

There are other companies such as Roomba and iRobot that have introduced cleaning robots since early 2000s. But there are very few companies in this area.

Most industrial floor scrubbers are used on gymnasiums, schools, office spaces, retail spaces, hospitals and other large buildings. But now with this new Robot there is not going to be need to pay someone to do the job, they just start the machine and it does it alone.

A research firms projects that the robotic floor cleaning market is for industrial use is worth $1 billion but it is project it to gro to $2 billion and $3 billion by 2020.

However this is not the only company that have introduced robotic industrial cleaners, but this one is the largest one. Companies such as Cyberdyne, Avidbots and Taski have also showed industrial robotic models.